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SUN MEDI SOLUTIONS established in 2009 as authorised service dealer for TECHNOMED ELECTRONICS, CHENNAI Established in 1983 formerly ELECTROCARE SYSTEMS and services Ltd (founded 1981), pioneers in the field of electrotherapy and electrosurgical equipment manufacturer. Now we are in a step ahead doing sales and service of entire physiotherapy and exercise therapy equipments.. Our aim is to give best sales and support to our valuable clients. The foundation of the company's growth is a deep understanding of economic stimuli and customer needs, and the ability to translate them into customer-desired offerings through leading edge R&D. The years to come will see the introduction of several other innovative products, all rooted in emerging customer needs.


Computerised Interferential Therapy

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  • Vectrostim

    AVectrostim is an advanced three in one interferential therapy machine with all features of Vectrodyne plus Muscle Stimulation and TENS. 
    Vectrostim comes feature packed with Dia-dynamic current which is very effective method of muscle stimulation.

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  • Vectrodyne

    Vectrodyne is a computerized Interferential therapy unit with advanced vector scan features. It has a bright LCD screen displaying the current in 2 channels, mode of operation, programme number and treatment time.

Laser Therapy

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  • Laser SS ( Scanning Laser)

    TECH LASER SS is a sophisticated microprocessor based scanning LASER machine. This machine scans the area of treatment automatically hence it is very easy to use and very effective for treating larger areas such as shoulder and lumbar region without strain for the operator.

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  • Laser 302 (Portable Laser)

    TECH LASER 302 is a microprocessor based portable LASER therapy machine. This machine is supplied with two probes - Visible and Infrared probes. Light weight Moulded ABS plastic body with bright LCD display of the treatment parameters makes this machine suitable for both clinic use and house visits.

Ultrasound Therapy

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  • Ultrasound 608

    Electroson 608 is a Solid State microprocessor based Ultrasound Therapy Unit. It is the most modern in design, sleek, compact and easy to use. Continuous and pulsed modes can be easily selected.

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  • Ultrasound 709 ( Dual Frequency)

    Electroson 709 is advanced microcontroller based dual frequency ultrasound therapy equipment. It combines the functions of both 1 MHz & 3 MHz. Zoomed backlight LCD panel and a soft touch membrane keyboard enables the physician to set the parameters easily.

Shortwave Therapy

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  • Electrowave 500

    This new elegant Highpower Shortwave Diathermy unit mounted on wheels for easy mobility with Disc and Pad Electrodes is easy to handle and a sturdy equipment. High frequency current at 27.12 MHz. with maximum power output of 500W is produced by Valve generator.

Muscle Stimulators

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  • Microstim Genius

    Compact computerized muscle stimulator with TENS machine with 73 programs of muscle stimulation and TENS. LCD panel and a soft touch membrane keyboard enables easy setting of the treatment parameters.

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  • Electrostim – T

    Therapeutic model Muscle stimulator. Solid State light Muscle Stimulator incorporating state of the art technology. Electrostim-T is of the constant current type and offers a choice of Faradic and Galvanic currents.

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  • Electrostim – DT

    Diagnostic model current controlled Muscle stimulator with digital display of output current. Constant current is maintained independently of contact resistance.

Surgical Diathermy

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  • Electrosurge 400D

    Electrosurge 400D is an advanced Solid-state computerised, completely digital 400 Watts surgical diathermy. Quality, Patient safety and ease of use have been our major focus while developing this product.

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  • Electrosurge 250EB

    Electrosurge 250EB is a Solid-state microcontroller based 250 watts Endoscopy model surgical diathermy unit. This model has all features of 250B with Seperate Bipolar section and provision for Hand-switch.


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  • Autotrac

    Autotrac is an accurate and sturdy Intermittent traction machine. Improved reliability has been achieved using solid state electronics. The silent motor is smooth, reliable and long lasting.


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    ACUTENS is an advanced 4-Channel TENS with Acupuncture like TENS capabilities. Sophisticated, compact, light weight with stylish digital display of patient parameters makes this very suitable for both clinic use and house visits.

Contineous Passive Motion

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  • Kinetic

    Kinetic is a computerised Lower Limb CPM machine with speed control and digital controls of flexion and extension angles. CPM is useful to treat joints of the lower limb after an injury, disease or following surgery.

Vacumn Therapy

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  • VAC 108

    VAC 108 is a versatile device which works on the principle of negative pressure. Negative pressure improves blood circulation around the areas of treatment. VAC108 can be used for treating Edema.


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